How product images can help generate more Ecommerce sales

ECommerce photos are mainly used to help increase the engagement and awareness of websites.

The use of photography is constantly increasing because it really works!

Moreover, the statistics show that the addition of photos on the sites of online sales accelerates the sales, positioning in the search engines, and improves branding as well.

Pictures can convey information in a way that text cannot do. When the purpose is to engage, the photography is 5.33 times more effective than a single text.

Here are some ways to successfully use eCommerce photos.

  • The benefits of photography for eCommerce sites: For online sales sites, one of the biggest challenges is that buyers cannot see, smell, touch or try the products that are on sale. The photography is a great way to show customers more about products and give them a better idea of what they are.
  • Photos can help buyers make a decision. Those who see the pictures are 85% more likely to purchase after watching a product photo.
  • Photos can help make the pages of a site unique; your eCommerce site can be distinguished from competing sites because too often product descriptions and photos are similar to one online vendor or another.
  • Pictures are more social and help to increase engagement on social networks.

Here are some statistics that prove the importance of eCommerce photos:

  • Buyers looking at photos on a sales page of a product are 144% more likely to add a item to cart than other buyers.
  • On, the conversion rate for buyers who view a photo on the product page increases by 400%, while the return rate drops from 12% to 9%.
  • com claims to have a conversion rate of 44% for its product pages presenting a photo.

Positioning in search engines is enhanced by using photos: With mixed search results available nowadays, pictures are still leading search results. The increase in visitors from images shown in search results cannot be ignored since 70% of the top 100 search results contain photos.

Make buyers feel more comfortable and confident:Photos make website visitors feel more comfortable about their purchase. They can help companies promote their brand, while buyer testimonials can reassure potential customers that they can feel safer and more confident buying these products or services.

How photos can show expertise: With photos, you can demonstrate the use of your products and provide more details. If you are an expert in delivering the services you offer, showing it on photo will help you achieve your goals.

Ask buyers for photos: Ask your customers to share their own photos with you. Putting these pictures in value will give very convincing arguments to new buyers.

Finally, now that you are convinced (hopefully anyway) that pictures can help you in your online business, do not forget to make a call to action! It’s always important to remind customers what you want them to do.

Convinced? If you, too, need video in eCommerce, do not hesitate to contact us!