12 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Shoot

  1. Self empowerment- Beginning with all the self pampering to get ready for the shoot to the final result of a beautifully crafted timeless album of yourself.  Nothing can make you feel sexy more.  The whole process will empower you and diminish self doubt. I mean seriously why should only professional models experience this?  All women should. And YES! I’ve done for for myself as well. I will always cherish mine and oh yeah hubby LOVED it!
  2. Sharing it as a gift- What better way to spice up your sex life. We all run out of ideas on what to buy him whether it’s a groom’s gift, wedding anniversary gift, or his birthday. It’s really a gift for both of you that keeps on giving!
  1. Shopping for a few new pieces of lingerie- Although in our studio you just bring a few key pieces and heels- We carry designer wardrobe.
  1. You’ll never be this age again- Celebrate who you are NOW!!
  1. Bringing your sexy back- Have you forgotten what it’s like to feel sexy?  It’s time to rediscover yourself!
  1. Photos for everyday reminders that you’ve got it, even if that day you don’t look and feel like you do.
  1. Surprise factor. Not just for him but for you! Surprise yourself by going daring. Trust the photographer and push yourself out of the box.
  1. Trying new hair and makeup- Our stylist will make sure you love it but it’s makeup you don’t wear everyday.
  1. Stepping way outside your comfort zone. We all know that the more you push yourself physically and mentally the stronger you become. Same with sexual empowerment. When you push yourself to do a full nude/implied nude or wear sexy lingerie like garter belts, harnesses and even holding spanking sticks, your strength in your sexuality only increases.
  1. Getting over a divorce or a breakup? This is such a good way to get over someone, move on to bigger better things in life.
  1. Dating again? – In your boudoir session we recommend you do a few photos with jeans and a cute outfits you can actually share on social media, a dating app and your family- Because of our phones, most of us don’t have a good portrait of ourselves.
  1. Someday down the line you can pass it around in the nursing home and say “Yep, I had it going on once!”