Capturing Romance in Byron Bay

Every wedding is a work of art. Planned meticulously down to the smallest detail, often by professionals employed for the specific purpose of wedding coordination, these grand events are symbolic of love, family, and commitment. Around the world, weddings are a celebration and a full-day affair. But, as every married couple knows, weddings are stressful to plan and it can be challenging to get every detail perfect.

Location is possibly the most important decision and the chosen venue impacts everything from wedding atmosphere to lighting choices, but most importantly the photographs seen long after the wedding day. Byron Bay is a picturesque location with blue skies, rolling landscapes, and romantic pathways leaving many couples to believe that any photographer will be able to capture a memorable shot. However, choosing an excellent photographer is perhaps the most arduous decision a couple will make before the wedding.

What Makes an Excellent Wedding Photographer?

You’ve reserved the venue, created a guest list, and chosen a theme and colour palette. But, choosing a photographer has left you confused and overwhelmed by the options. Recognising a talented wedding photographer in Byron Bay is difficult without knowing what details to look for. Is the lighting well used in each photograph? Does their portfolio seem too posed or too candid?

View the photographer’s gallery online and pick your top 5 favourite photos from various weddings he or she has photographed. What qualities do you like or dislike? Are the photos posed or does the photographer have a natural style?

Every photographer has a style, which is best seen through their use of lighting and posing. A photojournalist style will produce extremely natural photos from candid moments. This type of wedding photographer will do very little directing outside of the traditional posed family shots and you will receive photos that capture actual moments of the event. A traditional style gives more direction, with posing and plenty of images with the subjects looking at the camera. The resulting photos are very clean and precise, with perfect lighting, sharpness, and skin tone.

Asking a photographer to change that style is unrealistic, no matter how much you may like a different benefit he or she offers. Try to imagine yourself in the photographs on his or her website, if you can’t, then it may not be the best decision to proceed with that photographer.

Before making any decisions about which photographer to hire, call each one for a phone interview. Ask questions about the investment, editing time, and backup shooters:

  • What is your editing process? Do you retouch photos or simply balance lighting?
  • What is included in your wedding package and how much is the investment and deposit?
  • How many hours of coverage will we receive and what is your overtime rate?
  • Do you have second shooters for full coverage? Will you provide a backup photographer if you become ill?
  • Could you email me a copy of the contract that I would sign so that I can read through it?

By asking plenty of questions, you are preparing for every possible scenario on the day of the wedding. Most photographers will have open communication and you will find that they are more than happy to answer all of your questions. Now that you have the knowledge to find the perfect photographer, you are ready to capture romance and commitment on the shores of Byron Bay.