Realize the Importance of Having a Professional Head Shot

Many people are nervous or they dread in putting themselves in front of the camera for getting some professional headshots done. Little do they realize that these headshots act as a business card for the digital age today and are more crucial than ever. This is why you should invest in a professional corporate photographer to get your business portraits and executive headshots to get yourself reflected. Don’t forget to don professional clothes and steer away from anything distracting such as chunky jewelry and accessory.

  1. Why do you need a professional headshot?

In this digital era, everyone has a digital identity. It acts like your calling card. Gone are the days of business cards, this is why professional headshots are in. They tend to put the face with a name. Organizations and personal brands are now realizing the value of professional headshots gradually. If you are an entrepreneur, it is a must for you, even if you are signing up for LinkedIn.

  1. How frequently should the headshots be refreshed?

You should go for a headshot session annually, or for any kind of major changes. You can use different headshots for different things. Try experimenting with your hair and beard to keep the shots dynamic. It is always a good practice to update the headshot in your current look. If your look hasn’t changed much, you can use them for two years at least. When changing your profile picture on a social media platform, you can get most likes of anything that you have posted that year. The people who are following you want to see the new you.

  1. What is the basic screenshot recipe for a photographer?

Clean and sober. Many people look at these headshots from a digital device and when they are clicked on clean background, it looks immaculately professional. Mostly black, white and grey are chosen for background themes. When a headshot is captured, try to articulate some confidence and approachability. When you sit in the front of the camera, you are clueless about to what to do now, you don’t know what your face looks, but your minds will try to tell you everything. In that case, you tend to rely on the photographer to guide you towards a confident and an approachable shot.

  1. What is the numero uno request made by the subjects being shot?

All they say is, make them look good. People look forward to give away something that they are proud of to present to others, but you don’t have a clue unless and until you see. Everybody tends to perceive themselves differently. We deem ourselves as the harshest critic. It becomes quite daunting for people who are tougher about their look to chill out and relax and provide them something interesting.

  1. How to choose the right photographer?

First things first, seek consistency. If the portfolio of the person is all over, then it is not somebody you are looking for, their workflow isn’t streamlined. Secondly, check if the people seem confident in the portfolio. Ask yourself if you want to be represented by this picture.